Intelligent Payment options - Fixed price and paid in advance

Fixed Price

We have listened.  We know you hate different prices each time you do the same journey....!   That's why we quote a fixed price for the journey.  

At last you completely avoid being charged for not going anywhere.  We know how frustrating it can be watching the clock while you're at the lights... costs mounting as the meter ticks over.  


Cloud Cars provides you with a fixed journey price.  Which means you can look forward to getting there and not worry about unexpected delays.  

No Cash

Another little thing that you told us:  Cash is a pain.

Well CloudCars is delighted to announce that cash a thing of the past, at least in our cars...

When you book, via the app, via the website or in person on the phone, you plan your journey - we quote you, and you pay in advance by card. Simple, easy and completely painless.   

One less thing to worry about, so go on, enjoy yourself.

Monthly Account

And another thing...  Expenses claims:  apparently you don't like juggling loads of taxi receipts?  


Well as a business customer we log all the journeys by your group and provide a consolidated account statement:  So - no cash required, fixed price journeys and monthly itemised statement keeping the accounts team happy and getting the business done!!

Which means planned spending, cost saving and reduced paperwork. 


Paperwork Saving

One more thing.  Our green agenda even extends to saving paper.  Save time, money, paper and do your bit for the Polar Bears.  We know they'd thank you if they weren't so busy looking for some ice. 

Save time, Save money, Save trees and relax (and feel good about the bears!).


Business Accounts

We are very proud to be supplying Nottinghamshire businesses with reliable, clean, cost effective, 'green' transport.
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